Discover and learn how to recognise all the fossils you can find at the foot of the Black Cow Cliffs. Just set off with your discovery booklet in hand.

Monday: Prawns, lobster & co
Crustaceans: not only delicious, but extremely inventive. Come and discover how these rather strange animals adapt to their environment and make your own lobster.

Tuesday: Acephalans (bivalve)
Shellfish… Yes, but not all in the same basket! Come and discover how all these very different animals live and produce your own diorama…

Wednesday: Gastropods
Do you really know all about snails and all their cousins? Come and find out more about their original behaviour and make your own tool to recognise their fossils.

Thursday: Sponges, coral, jelly fish and anemones
A quick delve into the world of these wobbly but quite surprising animals, to learn how to recognise them and to make your own jelly fish…

Friday: Starfish, ophiuroids and sea daffodils
Come and learn how to recognise these rather thorny animals, over a tour of their astonishing features as you make your own sea daffodil.


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Car park, Toilets
Pets allowed : no

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