Thanks to the Honfleuraise Association, treat yourself to an unforgettable moment aboard one of their boats and admire the beauty of the pretty fishing port that is Honfleur from the sea or the Vieux Bassin harbour.

Since 1997, the 'Honfleuraise Association of Vintage Boats' has been helping associations and private owners to maintain their boats, keeping them up and running. It is also committed to keeping these traditional Norman ships where they belong, in the Vieux Bassin harbour, where they add a touch of authenticity and elegance. The Association currently manages a dozen vintage boats, launched between 1903 and 1995 and varying in length from 15 to 60 feet long. Faithful to the seafaring tradition of solidarity, the club also takes care of all logistics related to a stay in the Port of Honfleur on a vintage boat. Last but not least, and based on the principle that a boat needs to sail, the 'Honfleuraise Association of Vintage Boats' invites you to take a beautiful trip off the coast of Honfleur!


Pets allowed : no, no

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