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Arène Événements



Arène Événements has been active in event organisation, communication and business travel for 20 years. Now established in the centre of Canapville, by Deauville, the agency comprehensively coordinates your projects.
Since 1998, we have been accompanying businesses in the organisation of their corporate events: seminars, team-building events, evening galas, sports events, treasure hunts, tourist trails, sport tournaments, etc. We provide comprehensive bespoke event packages for you to highlight your projects, from the simplest to the most original. Our creative and personalised approach ensures your event strikes with elegance and impact. We pay full attention to your constraints and harmonise each and every project accordingly. We take care to address the right message to your guests, in full respect for your identity and your ambitions. Thanks to our team and our 3 offices (2 in Normandy and 1 in Paris), we are fully active between Normandy and the French capital to bring all your projects to life.




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