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Abbey of Sainte-Marie



Located a few miles from Bayeux on the D-Day Landing beaches, visit the Sainte-Marie Abbey in Longues-sur-Mer

The Abbaye Sainte-Marie is a 12th century former Benedictine abbey. During your visit, you will discover the exterior of the abbey buildings, the monks' refectory, the garden and a fine collection of 13th century varnished tiles.

br />Visits on Thursday afternoons from Easter to All Saints' Day. From 1st to 20th July and from 10th to 30th September, visits every afternoon except Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. Other days on request.

Protocole "sans contact" mis en place dès mai avec la sous prfète qui avait permis la ré ouverture dès le lundi 11 mai à 14h00



Mean(s) of payments : Money transfer, Cash


Languages spoken : English Spanish
Pets allowed : no


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