At the end of the 19th century, Villers sur mer became a trendy destination for Parisian high society, coming here for sea bathing. The foreshore was re-designed to host a pleasant and society walk, original manors were built to impress the neighbours and assert the owners’ status.
Like the theatres and operas of the 19th century, seaside resorts were popular for social reasons.

Walking along the roads bearing the names of the pioneers of Villers, come and discover the anecdotes about the city.

(2.5km/2 hrs) – Level 1

During the Heritage European Days, this visit is exceptionally available for free on September 21st.


Base rate : 7,50€
Child rate : 6,50€ until 14 years

Mean(s) of payments : Debit cards, Cash




Date : 12/02/2020
Opening time : 14:30

Date : 18/02/2020
Opening time : 14:30

Date : 28/02/2020
Opening time : 14:30

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