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Preserved as a historical monument since October 29, 1975, this impressive manor, distant from the seaside, was commissioned by the baron Henry de Rothschild. Passionate for horse races, he had chosen a venue situated close to the racecourse. The villa was built in 1907 on the area of the “Ferme du Coteau”, belonging to the novelist Gustave Flaubert’s family since 1837. Owned by Ralph Beaver Strassburger since 1924, the villa was bequeathed by its heirs to the City of Deauville in 1980. From him, the villa has preserved, as it rarely happens, original furniture, decor, knick-knacks, several horse paintings and caricatures making reference to the celebrations of that time.
Indoor, you can also admire the paintings and sculptures of artist Enrico Campagnola.

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