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Back from his mother's funeral, a boy puts the urn on the table of the dining room to talk to her for the last time. Today, he's breaking the pact he signed with himself 15 years ago: keeping his homosexuality secret.
He also wonders why he preferred not talking instead of running away: why was his family's acceptance so precious to him?
In front of the silent ashes, he performs his mother's reactions he was afraid of, the reason of his silence actually.
In the meanwhile, the neighbour living upstairs makes more and more noise... Why his best friend has not come to the ceremony?
'King of silence' is a show about desire and self-acceptance.

Text and performance: Geoffrey Rouge-Carrassat
Artistic collaboration: Emmanuel Besnault
Lights: Emma Schler
In partnership with Jeune Théâtre National (JTN)

The Villerville Festival, dedicated to dramatic art, is one of the great cultural events organized along the Côte Fleurie.

Please note that tickets are not sold at the performance venues.


Base rate : 10,00€
Reduced rate : 7,00€


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