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Director Marie Clavaguera-Pratx tells the story of a group of armed robbers that became popular in the 1980s, called the "Postiches", whose objective was not, in her opinion, collecting more money than they needed… (création Automne 2020)
Today, she proposes her Prologue.
"I think that, when people cannot talk, their words are stolen and the story written at their place. To elude this fatality, I want to represent the essential need of language and words."
The loneliness people felt before words is performed by a disabled actor, Matthieu Beaufort.
He is someone who looks much further afield to see, know or own what he couldn't see before. He is accompanied by a partner: Renaud Triffault.
Then, we'll turn our faces towards the future. And he'll summon a gang. Maybe you too...
Once gathered, they can exist and take a role in the French economic, social and political context of the 1980s.
They'll be called "le Gang des postiches".

With: Renaud Triffault and Matthieu Beaufort
Conception and direction: Marie Clavaguera-Pratx
Light and sound management: Aurore Galati

The Villerville Festival, dedicated to dramatic art, is one of the great cultural events organized along the Côte Fleurie.

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