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Do you know the story of François-Timoléon, abbot of Choisy (1644-1724)? He was prelate, academician, ambassador of Louis XIV. When he was a child, his mother taught him all the secrets of women's outfit. He liked being called Comtesse des Barres or Madame de Sancy. Sometimes he also successfully played the Corneille heroines. When the uptown girl's costumes his mother gave him without paying much attention were not fascinating enough, he asked his female lover to wear a male costume... This was the youth of a man who dedicated twenty years of his life to write the Story of the Church (11 volumes). He is said to always wear female clothes each time he sat down to write until the day he died... Thirty years after the first adaptation of Memories of the Abbot, Hervé Briaux analyzes again the last days of his hero to explore the mysteries of his multiple identities, entirely accepted – even in front of the society of that era – with a sort of enigmatic serenity.

Extract by Hervé Briaux from "Memories of the Abbot of Choisy dressed as a woman"
With: Hervé Briaux
Lights: Morgane Rousseau
Sound: Nicolas Daussy

The Villerville Festival, dedicated to dramatic art, is one of the great cultural events organized along the Côte Fleurie.

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