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Two men are traveling on a fragile boat – they enjoy a few drinks and snacks - when suddenly one of them goes offshore. Among remote islands with fog approaching and the swell of the high sea, they start an odyssey towards the unknown.
Matéo and Aurore met during the 5th edition of A Festival in Villerville. She is a lighting engineer, he is an actor and director. This project combining oneirism and excesses with realistic performance and movement is a mix of their competences that brings to the stage dreams, pain and innocence.
A cut of human life explained by Jon Fosse, an author using repetition, the slightest deviation and breaks to represent the invisible, inaudible and inexpressible.
Léo Gardon and Alexandre Patlajean are their partners during this adventure that explores the unknown weakness of the present time and the set.

Author: Jon Fosse
Direction: Matéo Cichacki and Aurore Galati
With: Alexandre Patlajean and Matéo Cichacki
Lights: Léo Gardon and Aurore Galati

The Villerville Festival, dedicated to dramatic art, is one of the great cultural events organized along the Côte Fleurie.

Please note that tickets are not sold at the performance venues.


Base rate : 10,00€
Reduced rate : 7,00€
Base rate : 60,00€ (PASS 8 shows)


Adult, Festival, Unusual , Show, Theatre

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