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The boss and the employees of a small company located in an industrial area are all men, except for secretaries Chantal, Maryvonne and Valérie.
The three of them have enough good reasons to hate their boss: Chantal is criticised for her two consecutive pregnancies, Maryvonne must constantly reject the advances of the HRD, Valérie fights for women's right to have a coffee break like men do.
When they discover that their boss – who is about to retire – will be replaced by a woman, they are sure this will put an end to the sexist attitude they are suffering of!... or at least this is what they think.

Text and performance: Geoffrey Rouge-Carrassat
Lights: Emma Schler
In partnership with Jeune Théâtre National (JTN)

The Villerville Festival, dedicated to dramatic art, is one of the great cultural events organized along the Côte Fleurie.

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Reduced rate : 7,00€
Base rate : 60,00€ (PASS 8 shows)


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