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When the #Metoo movement started to conquer ears, mouths, and spirits, I got into it and asked myself: "What about me?"
For HER, everything started with indecent and intrusive pssts on the way to school, with a piece of skin she should not have seen...
For HIM, everything started in a kitchen located in Picardy, where his mother slapped him in the face while teaching him spelling.
Memories pile up, get closer to the present, complement one another, fit together, and look alike.
From small humiliations to defeats, we realize that we have built a shell around us, we have lost contact with the Others at such a point that now we are afraid of them, we are suspicious of them, we guard against them.
In this context, how can we build a healthy relationship with the "opposite sex", as we call it? Let's discover his story, her story, and their respective subjectivity and universality. Are they going to ignore, match, face, support, console each other?

Text: Adeline Piketty, starting from the remarks of a man and a woman
Direction: Laurence Campet
Performance: Adeline Piketty and Guy Vouillot
Music: Noé Codjia (Zoot collectif)
Lights and stage management: Jérôme Bertin
Compagnie de l’Auberge rouge

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