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Anouk is 112 years old. Every single day, she dusts the stone bust of her deceased husband. But today she falls. Anouk, feeling a bit dizzy, carries out her daily tasks while her imagination confusingly mixes with her ghosts and her loneliness.
When I was a child, I thought that old people pretended to be old, carrying a sort of mask. When I see the face of my grandmother changing from exhaustion to childhood, I still believe it. Her expressions are fascinating to me. I also love how her words come out – joyfully uninhibited or frankly cruel – after a long deep silence in a sort of turmoil reflecting her life.
I am 28 years old now, and I want to represent the changeability I see in people that are at least 50 years older than me.

By and with: Asja Nadjar
Direction: Claire-Marie Daveau
In partnership with Le Jeune Théâtre National (JTN)

The Villerville Festival, dedicated to dramatic art, is one of the great cultural events organized along the Côte Fleurie.

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