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Every year, the grounds of the Château des Noyers welcome a drama and dance show. This year's show is entitled "Légendes et grain à moudre à Le Tourneur" (Legends and food for thought at Le Tourneur) at 10pm, followed by a son & lumière show. Dinner at 7.30pm.

Just like every year, the grounds of the Château des Noyers will be hosting a theatre and dance show, this year entitled "14-18 la guerre du soldat Martin" (14-18 Private Martin's war) at 10pm, followed by an "Impressionism" son & lumière show by France Artifice. Dinner with entertainment at 7.30pm.


Base rate : 17,00€
Child rate : 8,00€ until 12 years
Base rate : 4,00€
Free : until 12 years


On the screen , Sound and light, Fireworks, Show


Date : 13/06/2020
Opening time : 19:30

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