Séquence inédite au château



From 3 years

Over 70 years ago, the recently elected mayor of Pontécoulant, Eugène Lengliné, stumbled on a rather intriguing man.
The stranger’s name was Jean Valère. He was the film director Max Ophüls’ assistant and he was looking for sets for his next film Le Plaisir, starring Jean Gabin. ‘I need a farm, a hilly field, a train station and a village church,’ the filmmaker requested.
Take a tour of the castle with your guide, Ingrid, and decide which room will offer the best set for the last scene of the film - the one in which Jean Gabin wishes to declare his love for Madame Rosa.
Guided tour lasts 1 hour



Event categories : Visit, Family


The Saturday, April 13, 2024

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