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An exhibition about horses in contemporary art is organized for the third consecutive year. It collects the works of about ten artists who worked on horses in painting, sculpting, and photography. The exhibition will deal with horse races, horse shows, polo, but also horses as respected animals that are widely appreciated by horse riders and the general public.

Exhibitors: Atrayoux, Bivort, Blezot, Brooke Major, Caillavet, Caroline Mercier, Erwan André, Groovy, Mascarade, Raghad, Tiffany M

The exhibition is held in summer in two different venues:
- From August 1st to 31st in the Galerie Saint-Pierre de Touques, every day from 11 am to 7 pm except for Monday
- From August 15th to 18th during the Longines Deauville Classic at the International Equestrian Complex of Saint-Arnoult





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