New discoveries about dinosaurs have been made in France!

Palaeontologists have been further studying an extraordinary excavation site in France. Every year, very rare and spectacular fossilized bones are brought to light in Angeac-Charente. About 140 years ago, this part of France was covered with marshes, lagoons and waterways at the bottom of which the remnants of fauna and flora of the time fossilized.

Welcome to the most extraordinary excavation area in France!
This illustrated and fun exhibition shows the large fossils that have been recently discovered in France and reveals the fauna populating a marsh dating to the Cretaceous era: 3D observation of crocodiles, turtles, fish, reptiles and dinosaurs. Among them, there was a sort of sauropod dinosaur, considered as one of the largest in the world.

An experience for all the family.


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Reduced rate : 6,90€

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Start date : 04/04/2020
- End date : 03/01/2021

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