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The exhibition, organized by the Amicale Philatélique et Cartophile de Trouville-Deauville – in collaboration with the City of Deauville, retraces the life of inhabitants during the Second World War. You’ll find about 900 original documents about this turbulent era: postcards, passes, vouchers and photos, all issued from the collections of seven local history passionates in love with their city.

Periods concerned:
- 1939: general mobilization and requisition of large hotels and casinos turned into French military hospitals
- 1940-1944: arrival of the occupying forces, occupation areas, building of blockhouses, life in Deauville under the Occupation, ration stamps
- 1944-1945: the Liberation by the Brigade Piron and the Allies; Deauville after the occupying forces left, the Americans.

A postcard, a personalized post stamp and a commemorative postmark are especially made for the exhibition.
Outside the exhibition, Ghislain Quétel, son of a resistance fighter, delivers a lecture in French about "Résistance en Normandie, code d'honneur et rôle dans la réussite du Débarquement".
Meeting on Thursday, August 22 at 2:30 pm at the Foyer Jacques Letarouilly (29 rue Albert Fracasse)





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