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The international gallop élite invites you to Deauville-La Touques racecourse for the Deauville Barrière Meeting held in August!

Race of the day: Prix du Haras de Fresnay-le-Buffard - Jacques Le Marois (Group 1 - Distance: 1,600 m)
It’s the highest-awarded race of the Meeting!
Prize: € 1,000,000
This 1,600-m straight line race is the highest-awarded competition of the Deauville Barrière Meeting. About € 1 million is shared among the 5 best competitors. This race is a major challenge between several generations of champions! The race is open to male and female horses from the age of 3. It may challenge young hopes and confirmed older horses. Champions come from all over Europe - sometimes even more far away - for this race. It’s one of the most spectacular races of the Meeting!
Winner of the 2019 race: William-J. Lee with Romanised (see photo).


From Thursday, July 30th to Sunday, August 30th 2020, the seaside town will host the major European flat races.
Whether you are an avid racing fan or a curious holidaymaker, you are guaranteed a great day out watching these thrilling events, in which the world's very best thoroughbreds paired with elite jockeys compete.

Watch an outstanding series of sporting competitions and cheer on the champions’ exploits!



Base rate : 12,00€
Reduced rate : 8,00€
Base rate : 5,00€
Base rate : 40,00€
Reduced rate : 20,00€
Base rate : 20,00€
Base rate : 60,00€
Reduced rate : 30,00€
Base rate : 30,00€


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