Conférence de Fabien Léaustic à l'école municipale des beaux-arts de Bayeux



"Art to re-incorporate the earth's ecosystem and its history": based on the Sève élémentaire art project, Fabien Léaustic will trace the course of a doctoral research project at the frontier between the arts, sciences and anthropology, punctuated by collaborations with scientific laboratories. From exobiology to the supposed role of meteorites in the appearance of life on Earth, the artist-researcher proposes a reading of his work suggesting a "post-biotic" future, while pointing out the ethical, social and cultural issues revealed by the history of our knowledge of genetics. In particular, he will explain how the theory of panspermia has enabled him to navigate the fine line between scientific truth and science-fiction storytelling.



Event categories : Conference, Family


The Sunday, May 26, 2024

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