Calvados Time: Investigation on the estate


Description Calvados Time

Agathe Letellier took over this family estate, built by her grandfather, 20 years ago.

Pauline and Alexandre Desfrièches took over this family estate ten years ago. Here, calvados production is a direct consequence of the Allied bombings in 1944: Alfred, the grandfather, could no longer dispose of his cider in vats, so he stored it and transformed it into calvados! Take a journey back in time to the year 1573 and help Gilles Picot, the lord of Gouberville, to find the lost calvados recipe he created 20 years earlier. A viewpoint indicator shows you the path to take through our different production sites, to unveil all the clues to the Lord of Gouberville’s lost calvados recipe. And when you find it, then come and appreciate our many regional flavours over a typical afternoon snack. A recreational activity for the whole family to enjoy.



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The Saturday, September 17, 2022

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