Calvados Time: Harvest your own apples and bring them to the press / afternoon snack under the apple trees


Description Calvados Time

On the edge of the Bessin area, near Bayeux, the Domaine de la Flaguerie transforms a number of apple varieties from its organically farmed high and low stem orchards. Among the cider-based products they make, René Petrich and the cellar master blend and age some of the region’s best calvados apple brandies. Discover the many varieties of apples in the organic orchard (bitter, bitter-sweet, acidic and sweet) and enjoy the show as you watch them being pressed. You can then appreciate their different flavours over an afternoon snack of typical Normandy fare. Prior booking required - limit 10 participants



Catégories d'événements : Visit, Wine - wine tasting


The Tuesday, October 26, 2021

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