Bateaux de Normandie fête le 80e anniversaire du Débarquement



The boats will be on display on the Quai Lamy in the new basin near the Caen-Mondeville Sailing School.
June 2 to 5, 10am to 7pm
- Historical Ships visit at quay/ Visite des bateaux historiques à quai
- Displays of allied air and navy crews on decks/ Équipages marins alliés en uniformes d'époques en situation sur les ponts
- Dimanche 2 juin à 17H/5 pm : Concert swing " Swing" avec standards de l'époque/ Swing band concert singing period standards
- Exposition permanente des navires civils et maquettes de l'association Bateaux de Normandie/ Exhibition of restored civilian ships of Bateaux de Normandie
- Exposition de la Fondation de la France Libre sur l'histoire des marins FNFL /Exhibition of Free French seamen history by the Fondation de la France libre
Bateaux de Normandie, an association under the French law of 1901, was founded in 2018 to help safeguard Normandy's maritime heritage, some of which was about to disappear.
At the crossroads of heritage restoration, tourist activity on the peninsula, professional and social integration, transmission of know-how inherited from the past, involved in the educational and artistic fields, B de N, works for a solidarity and social economy.
Heritage connects us to the long history of time, which we end up forgetting at a time when mobile networks rule our lives, transmitting digital data at the speed of light. We no longer have time to wait for anything. What a joke !!!!
Safeguarding our heritage invites us to put down ideas in the same way that carpenters adjusted frames, varangues or planking, so that their boats could defy the elements and the passage of time. It connects us to those sailors, those sailors, those men who had a hard life, and for whom these beautiful constructions enabled them to have a less arduous life.
Safeguarding our heritage is our duty, not for our own immediate personal satisfaction, but to pass on this shared legacy to future generations. At the crossroads of tourism, heritage, culture, youth, professional integration, discovery of new trades and events, our association ? Bateaux de Normandie? promotes seafarers, this living heritage, this legacy of the past which is an opportunity for the future.
The magnificent stretch of water where various projects around the sea can take place, the history of the Port of Caen and the canal are tremendous assets for the people of Caen la Mer.


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Event categories : D-Day, Sailing, Exhibition


From Sunday, June 2, 2024 to Wednesday, June 5, 2024

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