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A series of cats by Siné originated from a drawing sent by Bob to her friend, painter Leonor Fini, to thank her for a nice evening spent with her and her friends.
As they both started to love this habit, every day Bob sent her one. The cats started to spread and one of them was published by France-Soir without his author knowing!
This newspaper distributed about one million copies at the time! The success was immediate and the newspaper decided to order several plates. Collected in an album, his cats were exported to Germany, the United States, England and Japan…with the translation troubles we can easily imagine! These drawings are regularly re-published in France since their creation, in 1957.

Albert Dubout has always had a passion for felines. An American humourist declared “dogs have owners, cats have staff”. It perfectly resumes the relationship existing between Dubout and his cats.
Actually nobody, not even his family, had the right to access his atelier, while his cats could freely sleep on his drawing board. In 1962, he made more than 80 drawings to illustrate the book "Among cats". It was an immediate success and his drawings were published even in Japan.
The cats of Dubout are timeless and show a sharp view on felines, namely Kikou, his favourite cat.
For this lonely man, cats are the symbol of his independence.




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