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The day of urban sports discovery called URBAN SPORTS DAY (3rd edition) will take place on Saturday, July 21th, 2018 on the dyke of Bénerville sur mer and Tourgéville from 11 am to 7 pm.
This event is addressed to young people. It is a modern, dynamic day with a festive and participative atmosphere where sports and urban art are highlighted. The program includes:
-BMX Flat
-Rollers freestyle Slalom
-Break dance
-Double Dutch
–Fireworks at 11 pm -----------------------------
BMX Flat demonstration - Alexandre Jumelin
Alexandre Jumelin, twice BMX Flat world champion at the International Festival of Extreme Sports in 2015, 2016, but also Vice World Champion in 2017 will be there all day long.
Football et Basketball freestyle BallMasters is a group of two athletes proposing demonstrations and initiations to freestyle football and basketball.
Freestyle skating demonstrations with « Rollers à l’Ouest » of Caen: slides, jumps and slalom, then initiation to the freestyle skating as a game: Connect Four, soccer, frisbee rollers, but also Rollerdance (the novelty of this year). It’s a discipline joining several urban dances: hip hop, street dance, break, contemporary dance. The skates are lent to participants for this initiation upon presentation of an ID card.
Break Dance Demonstrations
Breakdance Demonstrations will be presented by the 8 young dancers of association “Urban Lexo Dance” of Lisieux.
Double Dutch Demonstrations
Association "Double Dutch et Streets Arts" of Gonfreville-L’orcher proposes Double Dutch demonstrations: a developing practice, not much known by the public.
Tagger: Homek Member of the TU140
He is a tagger that has been making thematic frescoes combining letters and ironic sentences for about ten years. He is recognized for his "fun" attitude about graffiti and a large use of pastel colours. Being used to work with children, he will be glad to let them discover graffiti and give them the opportunity to have a try on today drawing.
Segway Demonstrations and initiations
"Com’on Gyro" will make some Segway available to the public to make them used to this new means of transportation, all day long.




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