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During the 31st Sable Show Festival, 13 free concerts are held in front of the sea every Tuesday and Friday.
Tankus the Henge (Rock)
After about one thousand concerts all over Europe, Tankus the Henge -an English group- is slowly becoming a legend with dynamic stage performances. These six hard workers have created a unique style: Gonzo Rock n’Roll, an eclectic universe, a combination of rock, Rag Time, New Orleans, Funk, accompanied by finely crafted texts. Their universe draws inspiration from the English music movements of the ‘60s and from artists like Tom Waits or the Queen of the Stone Age. The group has become a real juggernaut on the stage: their accurate music is based on the groove of an impressive bass-drum duo, a super-powerful brass, effective riffs and the gravelly voice of the singer.

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