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24 Hours for the Ocean is back to Deauville for the 3rd time to focus on “Art & Environment”
Created in 2017, the Time for the Ocean association created by Marion Semblat is intended to raise the public’s awareness on the oceans’ pollution due to plastic waste. For the 3rd edition of the 24 Hours for the Ocean, taking place during the G7 in Deauville, on August 24, the objective is approaching this theme from the “Art & Environment” perspective with the contribution of personalities, film directors, composers, plastic artists or committed actors.

The oceans’ pollution due to plastic waste is the major challenge for the Time for the Ocean association. The ocean is the origin of life. Knowing and preserving oceans is also a major challenge for the planet’s future. The ocean may be considered as the leading conductor of life on Earth. It covers over 70% of the earth’s surface and hosts most of the still unexplored biosphere. The ocean and the sea organisms are a carbon pump and an oxygen producer. They play a fundamental role in preserving Earth’s climate, though being increasingly affected by global changes.

How can we act if we don’t know it? The 24 Hours, major event held in Deauville in the last 2 years, is a series of debates coordinated by Time for the Ocean that inform about the need to act. The theme proposed in 2018 was “the Arctic, a new challenge”. In 2019, the Time for the Ocean association was focused on the ocean pollution due to plastic waste in order to raise public awareness.
The 24-hour program includes: Photo exhibition in partnership with the photo journalism prize of the Fondation Carmignac; lecture; the 1st underwater concert with actor Jean-Marc Barr; film projection; plastic collection on the beach.





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