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“In Whales’ dreams” underwater concert, a creation by Michel REDOLFI with Jean-Marc BARR.

What are whales dreaming about? What if we were the physical projection of whales, the result of their will to jump out of the oceans and fly over them? Are we their emotional embodiment, their messengers on the land? Have these whales taught us to sing and talk? Maybe they are dreaming about that.
About 40 years ago in California, Michel Redolfi invented the concept on underwater music: concerts are enjoyed underwater, where music waves spread and resonate in the body.
A pleasant overall perception establishes a connection with the sensory system of these sea mammals. The 24 Hours invites us to experience and share their wonderful acoustic world.
The concert mixes the sperm whales’ sound and the humpback whales’ sing, captured and reproduced by Michel Redolfi with innovative technologies. These sounds were collected in the middle of groups of whales by breath-holding scuba divers equipped with a hydrophone swimming (in Polynesia and Mauritius) and now reproduced in the depths of the Olympic pool of Deauville. Underwater next-generation low-frequency sound speakers reproduce the greatness of a primitive opera with powerful and essential vibrations.
Jean-Marc BARR, immersed in the middle of the audience, guides the initiation with shamanic and contemporary texts, inviting to re-establish an ancestral dialogue with sea inhabitants.

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Conception and composition: Michel REDOLFI
Voice: Jean Marc BARR
Inspired from “The Fifth Dream ” by Patrice Van EERSEL
Production: AUDIONAUTE


Base rate : 10,00€



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