The flea markets of Deauville, created in 1999, are organized in the beautiful environment of the Deauville-la Touques racecourse. This great open-air market, offering antiquities, second-hand objects, collections and pictures, and exclusively reserved to professionals, is traditionally organized during the week of the long Ascension weekend. This event, become a must for bargain hunters and art lovers of Basse-Normandie, also fascinates several visitors coming from Haute-Normandie, Pays-de-Loire and Ile-de-France.

The full amount of money received – resulting from place rights – is given to the service activities of the “Lions Club” of Deauville Trouville.




Antiquities/Collections, Second hand sale, Jumble sale


Start date : 08/06/2019 - End date : 09/06/2019

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