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Bannière Terroir et dégustation
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Bannière Terroir et dégustation flou



Seafood in Normandy


Normandy oysters

Normandy is France's leading region for the production of cupped oysters.
Normandy oysters are bred in the high seas.
The quality of Normandy's oysters stems from the fact that the region benefits from the highest tides in Europe and an abundance of plankton, which provides an excellent source of nourishment for the young oysters.
In Calvados, the most renowned oyster farming site is Isigny sur Mer.
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Normandy is France's leading region for scallop fishing. Furthermore, the quality of its scallops has been officially acknowledged via the award of a quality label: the "red label". Scallops are the first non-processed seafood to have beeen granted this label.
Port en Bessin is Calvados's leading artisanal fishing port and is also the leading port for scallop fishing.

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Normandy mussels

Mussels, in particular mussels fresh from Isigny, are among Normandy's fine seafood.
So why are they referred to as "bouchot" mussels?
In fact, this term refers to the way they are grown, using intertidal pole culture, in other words a series of stakes upon which the mussels are attached.


Normandy shrimps

Shrimps and prawns are greatly appreciated thanks to their delicious flesh. They are caught either on foot or by trawlers.
The harbour town of Honfleur is renowned for the quality of its shrimps, which are gathered on foot.

And so many other delicious fish species

The fish brought to auction by our fishermen are as abundant in number as they are in variety: pout, turbot, sole, squid, seabass, pollack, John Dory...

The port of Trouville is specialised in mackerel, for which the "maquereau trouvillais" quality label has been awarded. Trouville sur Mer is the leading port in the Seine Bay for mackerel fishing. And every year, the mackerel fair takes place in July. Just take a look at the fishmongers' displays in the covered fish market, which is also a listed historic monument.

Mullet is one of the varieties you are sure to find in the Port en Bessin fish auctions.

And sole is particularly appreciated for its firm white flesh. Honfleur is renowned for its sole.