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22nd Easter Festival

Festival de Pâques © Yves Petit de Voize anthony kondo Augustin Dumay Festival de Pâques de Deauville Bertrand Chamayou Festival de Pâques de Deauville messiaen2 Yann Levionnois Festival de Pâques de Deauville


The Easter Festival, for its program and interpreters, will be in all its aspects as great as the previous editions. Augustin Dumay, the first sponsor of the Festival in 1997 with Maria João Pires and Emmanuel Krivine, has always remained faithful and attentive to the project conceived by his four young colleagues of that time (Renaud Capuçon, Jérôme Pernoo, Nicholas Angelich and Jérôme Ducros) that is to say “recreating a sort of academy where the teachers are young musicians”.

Three generations guided by Augustin Dumay, Bertrand Chamayou, François Salque, Lise Berthaud, David Kadouch, Edgar Moreau, Yann Dubost, Amaury Coeytaux, Pierre Dumoussaud, Adam Laloum, Mi-Sa Yang, Pierre Fouchenneret, Adrien Boisseau, Yan Levionnois, Ismaël Margain, Guillaume Bellom, Victor Julien-Laferrière and Adrien La Marca have proposed to include to this festival rich and fascinating programs, complying with the demanding charter of the first organizers.

As the fourth generation playing in Deauville, Adèle Charvet, Philippe Hattat, Justin Taylor, Théo Fouchenneret, David Petrlik, Volodia van Keulen, Mathis Rochat, Manuel Vioque-Judde, Liya Petrova, Elina Bukhsa, Adélaïde Ferrière, quartets Arod, Hanson, Hermès and the Ensemble Ouranos will bring to this 22nd Festival the impetus and freshness of the their shining personality.

Opening dates 2018

  • From 14 april 2018 to 30 april 2018

Rates 2018

  • Base rate : 30 €
  • Subscriber's rate : 25 €
  • Base rate : 170 €
  • Subscriber's rate : 130 €