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Clécy Gliss

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Enjoy the fun of a ride down a single-track summer sled in the heart of Suisse Normande in Calvados.

Located in a truly exceptional setting just 40 minutes to the south of Caen, with views over the Clécy viaduct and the sheer rock faces of Suisse Normande, enjoy a ride on our 650 metre summer sled. The ideal family leisure activity - open to all, in the heart of Normandy. The sled is designed for a solo ride for passengers of a height of over 1.3m (4'3") and an accompanied ride for smaller participants.
Benefit from one free ride for 5 purchased rides from the same category (solo or duo).
An inflatable structure is also available for kids and toddlers.
The bar also offers snacks for a delicious moment's respite after or between rides.

Summer sledge

With the family

All ages

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  • Base rate : 2,5 €
  • Base rate : 4 €
  • Base rate : 3,5 €
  • Base rate : 5 €