The Calvados coast, in Normandy

Discover our selection of sites not to be missed on the Calvados coast, in Normandy. Preserved nature, geology, fauna… with the family, friends or just the two of you… there’s something to please everyone on the Calvados coast!

A sea view

There are places where the sea unveils all its secrets to you... via breathtaking panoramas, an array of wild bird species to observe, and many an unforgettable memory to take home...


Geology personified

Your children are sure to love collecting fossils at the foot of these amazing cliffs, and to learn of Calvados' fascinating geological past.


Nature preserved

Not only a historic beach, but also a natural environment waiting to be discovered along the line of dunes.


With the family

Come and observe and try to identify the protected flora and the birds that nest in the Orne bay.


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